Hazardous Waste 

We take pride in our position as one of the leading services company in Qatar with a faultless track record for the past 10 years experience in the field. We are one of the most progressive and knowledgeable company in the country. We extend 4R Concept, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace as a basic principle of Waste Management procedure that played a significant role in waste minimization thus promoting sustainable development.

Garbage Skip Collection

Project Handling

Collection, transportation & disposal for non-hazardous solid and liquid waste generated from commercial, industrial or residential units.

Waste management is the collection of all thrown away materials in order to recycle them and as a result decrease their effects on our health, our surroundings and the environment and enhance the quality of life.

Industrial Cleaning Services 

Sewage Water Removal & Transportation

TSE Water Services 

Our Industrial Cleaning Services provide specialist solutions for working in sensitive and hazardous environments (Tanks, sump pits, pipes, vessel, media filter etc).

Road Cleaning Services  

Cleaning Services

MEP Works 

Our company has extensive experience in the cleaning of Office, commercial, Industrial, shopping centres, supermarkets, common areas etc).  We can design for you the appropriate cleaning program that is based on many factors. 

MEP stands for mechanical, electrical and plumbing and refers to things like your HVAC (mechanical) system, the wiring in the walls as well as the plumbing.

We strongly encourage all of our customers to recycle, however we also realized it is not always possible to recycle all of the waste your business generates.

It can be effectively recycled for both potable and non-potable purposes, provided it meets specific water quality requirement and type of application.

Sewage Tank Cleaning

Sewage tank  cleaning services are among our full suite of industrial cleaning and maintenance services that we offer. We bring excellence and expertise to all of the services that we offer.

Sweet Water Supply

We are experts in supplying water for drinking and other purposes. We provide all kind of water services.

Equipped with a fleet of well-maintained tankers, our company specialize in transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste.

We offer Road Cleaning Services that ensure to keep the roads clean and litter free. Our experienced cleaners and sweepers aim at high quality standards and work in a smart and efficient manner.